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Thursday, December 16, 2010

sketches and book

along with whatever im doing.

im also painting in a large moleskine. I remembered that in my first year. i used to keep a small moleskine in which i would paint in. Later i stopped, partly because i felt i shouldn't experiment unless i have the skills and knowledge, thats so not true. I also stopped because i started getting busy with just life drawing. Now i realize that it really dosent matter, all roads or no roads still lead to Rome. Rome being the goal. Im still drawing from life, but at the same time i am learning from experimenting in this 2nd sketchbook. I guess the one thing i think i want to do is keep a good balance. Listen to what professor and students tell me during critiques, draw, and paint and learn design, and go all out experimental and have a disregard for rules. Hopefully these experiences will help me someway. And hopefully i will stick to this book idea for a while.


some new music ive been listening to

Mount Kimbie- Carbonated

Mount Kimbie- Serged(Headshotboyz Edit)


Com Truise- Klymaxx

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