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Friday, August 5, 2011

Ill Academy/ TAD/ Portraits/ Etc

This is going to be a long long post. The academy was fun. Learned a lot about the art world, illustration, history and working smarter. I could go on for pages about how amazing the entire experience is, but I would much rather explain it in person.

Recently ive been doing a lot of portraits. Partly to get better at drawing faces (which is still a complicated concept for me) and partly to experiment with new varieties of media. These were done to keep me excited and to open new way to approach any assignment.

cant wait for school, more to come!


Vincent Nappi said...

ridiculously cool
you need to get into the annuals.

Aurry said...

sishir these are amazing!!

Del Rey said...

cool experiments!

Craig Smith said...

Dude, some of these seriously blow me away. I can't wait to see where you go once school starts :D

sishir Prithvi Bommakanti said...

Craig, when school starts, im going straight to bed.

alexthebeck@gmail.com said...

did you trace these?