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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ruined Sculptures and so on

Been working on full color illustrations, although these have the same underlying concept of sculptures, they do not relate. Ive been enjoying texture a lot, so ive been painting this subject matter.

I have no access to a scanner, however with school starting next week, i hope to have better quality images, without glare.
Also! Check it out! I have a new tumblr! The tumblr will be filled with sketches and experiments and my less illustrative work. Eventually i hope to transition to a singular blog.... in the future.



Vincent Nappi said...


Philip Whisenhunt said...

Diggin' that top image a ton, good stuff! Enjoying the updates on Tumblr too.


Charles Valsechi said...

loving these.

Gabriel Sorondo said...

yes. the first one is my fave as well. I hope you sculpt that just how it is. That'll be badass.