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Friday, August 12, 2011

A Screwdriver to Punch

Last of the portrait sets. its been fun experimenting, however experimentation on un composed portraits got boring.....fast. ive moved on to a new subject matter: Sculptures, monuments, eroded stone and giant samurais!

One big lesson to learn this week is that the next time i do something for fun. im gonna compose the picture, this way i im keeping it interesting, and learning and doing something i love. Of course i will be doing a portrait for time to time, perhaps not am many as i did this week.


Vincent Nappi said...

you're a beast. these are ridiculous.

Nano Jaun said...

totally agree with vincent, these are sick! love the style you are approaching!

sishir Prithvi Bommakanti said...

thanks! i am as of now trying to implement these into a more narrative setting.