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Monday, April 16, 2012

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

When talking to a friend a while ago, I learned that he had Body Dysmorphic Disorder. In essence this disorder causes him to obsess over specific parts of his body. Some days it might be normal, other days he felt he looked ridiculously distorted. This caused him to compare himself to other people. He would often trace the lines where he wished his bones were structured, and often wished that his body was made out of clay, so he could remold himself. Taking the idea of remolding and tracing lines, I thought about sculpting and molding. A sculptor would have drawn lines where he would need to cut the stone. This led me to play with the idea of sculpting. The Greek, Roman and Renaissance sculptures were all based on ideal proportions, and considered perfect. When a painter tried to paint the perfect figure, over and over to make it perfect, and fails, he ends up with a odd looking painting that was half way sculpted into the world and then abandoned.
Those with this disorder look at them self, thinking of all the way they could remold their very physical makeup. This inspired me to think of the hypothetical sculptor, which would who constantly chips away at the marble to reveal something perfect, only to assume that their work was ruined, lacking or distorted. I wanted to show a figure, sculpting himself out of rock, only half done. He is building his own perception of his image.
The painting was done in acrylics and copic dyes ad isopropyl alcohol, which created a very strange decaying stone like pattern. This was juxtaposed with careful drawing around the arm area. The warm represents where the stone becomes flesh, and the cools represent the unfinished stone. The figure holds a hammer and chisel, which are the tools use to carve rock. A figure, carving, tuning and perfecting its image over and over and over

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Adele Hawkins said...

This is absolutely gorgeous.