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Saturday, April 14, 2012


This painting was originally a test piece made during the break when I experimented with the process during the break between semesters. I was introduced to the concept of the Black Box by a friend. Essentially the concept was that a black box is a device that inputs information and outputs information. Its called a black box because one would not necessarily have the knowledge of its internal workings. This idea can be applied to computers, programming and of course the mind. I had a splitting headache one night. Unable to sleep, I established a concept of a “skull-splitting headache”.  Based on old images of skulls, collaged on Photoshop. Essentially the painting involves a skull splitting apart, which represents the skull splitting headaches. The red box in the middle of the composition is the black box, but inflamed, with a headache. This illustration was revisited a month after and processed digitally for the project. This assignment was the most liberal illustration I created, as it involved a loose group of elements in a composition over a careful collage of process and symbols and images. 

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kris said...

i feel like the raindrops are falling upward. Keep on wit yo bad self!