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Sunday, April 15, 2012


            Dreams have been an interesting subject to me for a long time. Specifically lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis, auditory hallucinations, and the cycle of sleep. Ive been practicing lucid dreaming for four years now. Although my skills in lucid dreaming are very inexperienced, I can become aware of the fact I am dreaming. However I end up in a sleep paralysis and have some weird sense of auditory hallucinations, where a certain pattern of sound gets repeated over and over again until I wake up from the sleep. However, when I do lucid dream, it often a interesting experience.
Hypnagogia is a limbo state between sleep and consciousness. Its where lucid dreaming, hallucinations, out of body experiences and sleep paralysis happens. Having a good working knowledge of dreams inspired me to design a piece that involved dreaming. Its a state of mind where ones travels into their own mind, its the only time you really get to see information being process in your mind, in a very abstracted way.
 I started out with nightmares and the science behind it. Its a specific form of dreaming that involved strong feelings of fear and distress. This led me into sleep paralysis, which I experience on occasion. Instead of focusing on allegory of dreams, I went for the effects, symptoms and feelings one feels while in a dream or induced in sleep paralysis.
The universal mythology or folklore in ancient scripts on sleep paralysis involves the victim not being able to move, due to a monster, or creature and in come cases a witch or old hag placing pressure on their body. In Japanese cultures it was bounding metal pressed down by a ghost. Instantly I started working with the idea of a floating figure wrapped in wire. While legs are forcing pressure on the chest of the figure. The color palate is also warm, sepia to give the impression of being in a dream like world.
The final was painted in acrylics and copic dyes. Then finished digitally to give it a more blurry dreamlike state. 


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