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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I thought of paranoia in a symbolic manner in this illustration. In my process I thought about the definition of paranoia. It involves irrational thoughts caused by fear, anxiety, insecurities and miscommunication. The paranoia is created by the person. And exerted onto the world. The feedback of this action is that the person then thinks of all the possible and different ways that a decision goes. Choices are elements that build up, the more one thinks of the choice, the more doors it opens, leading them to think about all the other possibilities caused from one possibilities. Paranoia is the very negative aspect of this idea. Every choice or decision running through the mind leads one to think of all the negative outcome that could possibly happen. The victim of this state of mind can get so involved in this process, that they jump to the most ridiculous notions ever. Such as thinking the entire world could be against them. Through my process I thought about cause and effect. I drew a circle that represents the mind, and arrows pointing away and towards the mind. The paranoid thoughts exerted into the environment all lead back to the person. Essentially all fears, misinterpretations, prejudices and insecurities projected onto the world come back with a violent force. Unfortunately its all in the head. It leads the person to doubt his surroundings and have an overall sense of distrust towards his peers. I wished to be as unorthodox as possible with this illustration. I enjoy painting old Angkor and Mayan sculptures, in this case the stone sculpture represents the mind. Its set in stone in its views and is exerting fear and disgust towards the environment.  The Spanish conquistadors represent the delusions and fears of the stone faces, out to destroy and ruin the sculpture. 


Adele Hawkins said...

Lovely! It's interesting to alsol hear the process behind this one, and how you boiled down the essential compositional elements with that circle and arrows.

Anonymous said...

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